What they say about our courses

Excellent experience, with trained trainers who know how to create a good work environment. Attentive, fast and truly commendable assistance: they pay you attention that is difficult to find at other language schools or companies in general. A thousand times good! Thank you
Corporate Student
I wanted to tell you that your platform is fantastic and this initiative of the Digital Solidarity is beautiful and makes you feel less alone... thank you!
It is the best Language course I have ever taken, certainly I did not expect it from an online course!
Interlingua has helped our company by allowing us to talk in a foreign language with more courage and awareness.
Enotecnica Pillan srl
Corporate Client
My expectations were beyond exceeded with my Italian class. It’s always been a dream of mine to learn another language, but I wasn’t sure if I could get to a rather intermediate level of fluency. My professor worked closely with me and personally tailored each lesson my level in the language.
Finally a serious online English course!
The difference was when I found myself having to speak English in a real-life situation and realized that the course worked.
Interlingua courses are effective because of the method they use, which is also in line with the new type of teaching that is being used in schools, that is, it starts from discovery and practice to get to theory. It is not the classic grammar lesson, complex and more mechanical that ultimately leads you to not internalize anything, this method is beautiful because it immediately involves you, and it is also quick, in fact after attending the course I was much more confident and fluent than when I started.
The courses are effective because they are based on conversation, which in my opinion is fundamental for learning a language, and also because the teachers are all native speakers. The teachers are very helpful, prepared and charismatic and the teaching method is innovative because we always talk.