Our Team


English Tutor and D.O.S.

I’m Mark, I’m English and I’ve lived in Italy for many years. I have been working in language training for as long as I’ve lived here, teaching English to those unfamiliar with it, and teaching language methodology to those who want to teach. I studied engineering and worked many years as an engineer. This helps me a lot in designing teaching programs and Technical English lessons.
I am passionate about technology, innovation, marketing, NLP, coaching and learning strategies.
In my lessons I love to surprise my students, often using all these passions of mine, for this reason people say that I am a crazy but effective teacher.
If you are not afraid to leave your comfort zone, I am definitely your teacher!


English and Italian Tutor and CLIL Trainer

I’m Giulia, I’m a CELTA qualified English teacher and a PTLLS qualified trainer. After completing my BA in Foreign Languages in Italy, I left for Cambridge (UK) to work in project management, training and finally, teaching; the latter allowing me to travel and work for educational bodies in the UK, Central America, Portugal and Italy. I’m a focused, committed individual, who likes creating engagement through her wit and creativity.
I currently teach General English, Business English, Language Training Methodology and International Exam Preparation. See you online!

Ciao a tutti, sono Giulia. Sono un’insegnante di inglese qualificata CELTA e trainer qualificata PTLLS. Dopo essermi laureata in Lingue Straniere in Italia mi sono trasferita a Cambridge (Regno Unito), dove ho lavorato nell’ambito del project management, della formazione e dell’insegnamento. Quest’ultimo mi ha permesso di viaggiare molto ed insegnare presso enti di formazione nel Regno Unito, in America Centrale, in Portogallo e in Italia. Sono una persona precisa ed affidabile, a cui piace coinvolgere i propri studenti attraverso la creatività e l’umorismo. Attualmente insegno General English, Business English, Metodologia Didattica Linguistica e preparazione agli esami internazionali. Ci vediamo online! 


English Tutor and CLIL Trainer

I’m Chiara. I come from Melbourne, Australia. I graduated in Business Management with a Bachelor’s Degree. I worked for many years in prominent international hotel chains focussing on HR development, marketing and sales. Moving into the academic field of teaching and training, I have focussed on management skills development with a variety of university level students both international and local, gaining extensive experience in teaching/training. I’m passionate about the CLIL format, which allows participants to learn through simulations and role-plays in addition to improving their specialistic English. My CLIL courses are: Job Interview Skills (both as a candidate and as an employer); Leadership; Negotiation Skills; Marketing and HR Organization and Management. See you soon!


English Tutor

I’m Michelle. I’m Canadian and I’ve been living in Italy for 14 years now. I have been working as an ESL teacher for about 7 years now. I have also prepared many people for Cambridge certification of all levels with stellar results. I studied classic literature in university.

My passions are reading, writing short stories & poetry, and photography. I tend to use creative mediums as I like my lessons to be fun and unconventional. I have been told that some of my ideas are crazy but due to this, I make retaining information and learning a lot of fun and quite effective.

If you like to enjoy yourself while learning and take pleasure in creative, imaginative and spontaneous experiences then you have just found the perfect teacher for you!


English Tutor and CLIL Trainer

Hi, I’m Maria and I’m from California. I started teaching English 25 years ago. I have also learnt foreign languages, so I can relate to the difficulties of understanding a new language and culture. I hold a BS in Global Business and Public Policy, AS in Marketing, and various qualifications in teaching. My experience is in teaching groups, one-to-one, IT, HR, Finance and sales courses to help professionals reach their linguistic objectives. I have taught children online, created Exam preparation and CLIL courses for children and adults and enjoy using technology in my classrooms.

See you soon!


English Tutor and CLIL Trainer

I’m David. I’m from Malta and English is my mother tongue. I enjoy travelling and exploring different cultures.

I’m a qualified social worker and a CELTA certified teacher. I worked in the travel industry, social field and with the United Nations.

I like to tailor-make lessons around students’ needs. Lessons contain visuals, are interactive, dynamic and interesting. I try to include current topics that encourage discussion.

In my lessons I include mediation & communication skills; project management, planning, report-writing and the promotion of creative & innovative methodologies. I am specialized in CLIL methodology, therefore I can also teach my favourite competences in English: Cross-Cultural Communication and Mediation Skills.

Hope to hear from you soon!


English Tutor and CLIL Trainer

I am Manuela and I am from California. I practiced banking law there for many years before moving to Vicenza. I learned Italian growing up, studied it in college and spent a lot of time in Italy before moving here. I help my students learn English by transforming abstract concepts into a concrete understanding with real-world application. This enables them to use their new knowledge immediately. I enjoy working with students of all levels, ages, backgrounds and aspirations. Since I’m specialized in CLIL teaching and I graduated in Law, I also teach Legal English and some aspects of US and International Law.

Accomplishing your educational objective is my goal.

Looking forward to teaching you!


English and Dutch Tutor

I’m Marije, a language trainer from the Netherlands. I am bilingual and teach both English and Dutch. I have a Master’s degree in History, a CELTA teaching certificate and quite a few years of teaching under my belt.

I believe that a friendly, relaxed and supportive teaching style helps students improve their fluency and confidence – and have fun along the way as well!       

If you are ready to learn English or Dutch, I’m ready to teach you!


English and Italian Tutor

I’m Alberto, I teach English, Italian (my bilingualism is due to several study/work experiences in the UK).

I got my MA at Padova University after spending one year at LSE – London School of Economics as a visiting undergraduate.

I am also Cambridge CELTA certified.

My teaching style is dynamic, captivating & effective.

As well as teaching English and Italian, I am specialize in Business English (English for marketing, phone conversations, job interviews, human resources, finance and administration, business meetings, dealing with clients).

You’ll learn to love this language 😉

Sono Alberto e insegno l’inglese e l’italiano (ho acquisito il mio bilinguismo tramite una lunga permanenza di studio/lavoro nel Regno Unito).

Ho una Laurea specialistica presso l’Università di Padova, dopo un anno come visiting undergraduate presso LSE (London School of Economics) di Londra. Sono anche in possesso del diploma Cambridge CELTA.

Il mio stile di insegnamento è dinamico, coinvolgente, efficace.

Oltre alle lingue inglese ed italiano sono specializzato in Business English (in particolare l’inglese per il marketing, le conversazioni telefoniche, i colloqui di lavoro, le risorse umane e la loro gestione, contabilità ed amministrazione, le riunioni d’affari, la gestione del cliente).

Imparerete a voler bene a questa lingua 😉


Russian, English and Italian Tutor and CLIL Trainer

I am Stefania. I am bilingual because I am half Russian and half Italian; I was born in Moscow and I moved to Italy some years later. I love travelling, both in Russia and in Europe. Apart from my passion for languages, I also love music.

I’ve been working at Interlingua since 2017, when I graduated in Linguistic Mediation Science for English and Russian languages, with a final grade of 110/110.

In my lessons the students build their own learning style through many group activities, in a stress-free, encouraging environment.

Can’t wait to start our lessons!

Я свободно говорю по русски и по итальянски, так как я родилась в Москве и только годами позже переехала в Италию. Я люблю путешествовать по России и по всей Европе. Кроме изучения иностранных языков, я так же интересуюсь музыкой.

Я начяла работать в Interlingua в 2017 году, когда я получила Красный Диплом переводчика по английскому и русскому языкам.

На моих занятиях студенты сами являются создателями своего обучения, благодаря групповым занятиям, в спокойной и дружеской атмосфере.

Жду вас!

Sono Stefania L. Sono italo-russa, bilingue, nata a Mosca e poi trasferita in Italia. Amo viaggiare, non solo in Russia ma in tutta Europa. Oltre la passione per le lingue ho la passione per la musica.

Ho iniziato a lavorare all’Interlingua nel 2017, quando mi sono laureata in Scienze della Mediazione Linguistica, per la lingua Inglese e Russa (Votazione: 110/110).

Ogni mia lezione prevede che siano gli studenti stessi a plasmare il proprio apprendimento attraverso varie attività di gruppo, in un clima rilassato e, perché no, divertente. Gli studenti sono così attivi protagonisti, e non passivi ascoltatori.

Vi aspetto!


German and Italian Tutor

I’m Mara, language teacher. I am bilingual with the Italian and German languages: the first is my mother tongue, the second one is the language in which I graduated, studying both in Italy and in Germany. I love art and photography, but my greatest passion is teaching my two favourite languages!

In my lessons I use cutting-edge language teaching methods that always respect the objectives, rhythms and different personalities of the students. For this reason, the atmosphere during my lessons is relaxed but always cheerful and the environment is fervent, because in my opinion to teach is first of all to excite the students’ curiosity and passion.

So, I’ll wait for you online!

Sono Mara, insegnante di lingue. Sono bilingue per le lingue italiana e tedesca: la prima è la mia lingua madre, la seconda è la lingua in cui mi sono laureata, studiando sia in Italia che in Germania. Amo l’arte e la fotografia, ma la mia più grande passione è insegnare le mie due lingue preferite!

Nelle mie lezioni mi avvalgo di metodologie didattiche linguistiche all’avanguardia che rispettino sempre gli obiettivi, i ritmi e le diverse personalità degli studenti. Per questo il clima durante le mie lezioni è rilassato ma sempre allegro e appassionato, perché insegnare per me significa innanzitutto appassionare.

Allora ti aspetto online!

Ich bin Mara, Sprachlehrerin. Ich bin zweisprachig für Italienisch und Deutsch: Die erste ist meine Muttersprache, die zweite ist die Sprache, in der ich meinen Abschluss gemacht habe. Ich habe sowohl in Italien als auch in Deutschland studiert. Ich liebe Kunst und Fotografie, aber meine größte Leidenschaft ist, meine beiden Lieblingssprachen zu unterrichten! In meinem Unterricht verwende ich modernste Sprachlehrmethoden, die immer die Ziele, den Rhythmus und die unterschiedlichen Persönlichkeiten der Schüler berücksichtigen. Aus diesem Grund ist die Atmosphäre während meines Unterrichts entspannt, aber immer gut gelaunt, denn meiner Meinung nach ist es äußerst wichtig, die Neugier und die Leidenschaft der Schüler zu wecken. Also, ich warte auf dich online!


Spanish Tutor

I’m Ruben. I’m from a bilingual area in Spain therefore I’m bilingual in Spanish and Catalan. I’ve been helping people learn Spanish since 2004.

I graduated in Foreign Languages in Italy, and in Geography and History in Spain. I’m an examiner of the Instituto Cervantes for the DELE certificate.

I believe that a friendly, relaxed teaching style helps students improve their fluency very quickly.

I’m looking forward to helping you learn my amazing language!

I’m Ruben. I’m from a bilingual area in Spain therefore I’m bilingual in Spanish and Catalan. I’ve been helping people learn Spanish since 2004.

I graduated in Foreign Languages in Italy, and in Geography and History in Spain. I’m an examiner of the Instituto Cervantes for the DELE certificate.

I believe that a friendly, relaxed teaching style helps students improve their fluency very quickly.

I’m looking forward to helping you learn my amazing language!

Soy Ruben. Soy español, bilingüe en español y catalán, profesor de español. ¡Desde hace quince años te enseño a hablar en español!

Tengo la carrera de Lenguas y Literaturas extranjeras en Italia y la de Geografía e Historia en España. Soy examinador del Instituto Cervantes para los exámenes DELE.

Mi método es tu método. Soy amistoso, paciente y relajado, así tú aprendes rápido y de manera natural.

¡Hasta pronto en español¡


French Tutor

I’m Christine, a French teacher from Paris. I have been teaching this wonderful language for 10 years. I have a degree in psychology and for many years I have worked in the commerce and marketing sector. I love teaching French and I do it very well, partly because I’m passionate about it, but certainly partly because, thanks to my psycho-pedagogical skills, I can always adapt the teaching method to different personalities, respecting and enhancing their needs, inclinations and excellences.

Learn French with me: you won’t regret it!

Je suis Christine, professeur de français à Paris. J’enseigne cette merveilleuse langue depuis 10 ans. J’ai un diplôme en psychologie et depuis de nombreuses années, j’ai travaillé dans le secteur du commerce et du marketing. J’aime enseigner le français et je le fais très bien, en partie parce que je suis passionnée par cela, mais certainement en partie parce que, grâce à mes compétences psycho-pédagogiques, je peux toujours adapter la méthode d’enseignement à différentes personnalités, en respectant et en améliorant leurs besoins, leurs inclinations et excellences.

Apprenez le français avec moi: vous ne le regretterez pas!


French Tutor

I am Magali. I was born in France, in Brittany, where I lived until the age of 20 before I started traveling in France and Europe. I graduated in International Trade and then completed a Master in Business Management followed by a Master in Distribution and Logistics in Paris. During this university course I also obtained a BA in Management through an Erasmus stay in England. After my studies, I worked 5 years in the Paris suburbs for a large automotive group before settling down in Vicenza. I am always ready to travel and discover new people and new cultures.

I can’t wait to start a new adventure online in my native language!

Je suis Magali. Je suis née en France en Bretagne où j’ai vécu jusqu’à l’âge de 20 ans avant de commencer à parcourir la France et l’Europe. Je me suis diplômée en commerce international puis ai réalisé une Maitrise en gestion des entreprises suivi d’un Master en distribution et logistique à Paris. Au cours de ce parcours universitaire j’ai aussi obtenu un BA en Management à travers un séjour Erasmus en Angleterre. Après mes études, j’ai travaillé 5 années en banlieue parisienne pour un grand groupe automobile avant de m’installer à Vicenza. Je suis toujours prête à voyager et à découvrir de nouvelles personnes et de nouvelles cultures.

Je suis impatiente de débuter une nouvelle aventure online dans ma langue natale !


English and French Tutor and CLIL Trainer

I am Olivier, I am from Haiti but I have lived most of my life in New York, so I am perfectly bilingual, French and English. I have a degree in Industrial Engineering. I have been living in Italy for a few years. In the USA I worked in digital marketing, a subject that I am still passionate about. In fact, in addition to teaching English and French at all levels and with specializations ranging from Business to Executive to Technical Language, my favorite subjects are Digital Marketing and Social Media Management, which I teach using CLIL methodology. I love the interactive style of CLIL methodology, that’s why I also apply it to my English and French lessons.

I hope to meet you soon!

Je suis Olivier, je viens d’Haïti mais j’ai vécu la majeure partie de ma vie à New York, donc je suis parfaitement bilingue: en Français et en Anglais. J’ai un diplôme en génie industriel. Je vis en Italie depuis quelques années.

Ma vie professionelle (et surtout mon expertise,) s’est concentrée sur le marketing digital, un sujet qui me passionne depuis toujours. En effet, en plus d’enseigner l’Anglais et le Français à tous les niveaux (avec des spécialisations allant de la langue des affaires, à la langue des cadres et spécialisations techniques,) mes matières préférées sont le marketing numérique et la gestion des méias sociaux, que j’enseigne en utilisant l’enseignement EMILE. J’adore le style interactif de l’enseignement EMILE, je l’applique donc également à mes cours d’Anglaiset de Français.


Au plaisir de vous rencontrer bientôt!


English Tutor and CLIL Trainer

I’m Marcus. I was born and raised in Kenya and lived there for 34 years before moving to Italy.

My parents are British and i was educated at English schools in Kenya. I went on to study Multimedia in Perth Australia after completing

my A-level exams in 1993. 

I began working as a Cameraman and Film editor in 1995 for a production company in Nairobi Kenya, before starting my own Production company in 2001 and i have been self-employed ever since.

I moved to Italy in 2007, and whilst I continue to do a few productions a year in Kenya, I work as an English teacher, specializing in business English. My students have responded well to my lessons and have found my skills as a mother tongue English speaker and expert in Communication to be of value in helping them learn the Language. All my professional life I have also worked in fundraising and I have effectively designed and delivered on various occasions a fundraising course for public and private administrations, which involves an overview of the fundraising cycle and techniques and a design-thinking project  

in which my students design, under my supervision, a whole fundraising event, including the choice of tools to be used, such as crowdfunding and awareness raising tools.

I look forward to working with you!


English Tutor
Hi! I’m Jenna, I’m originally from the Netherlands where I obtained my Social Work degree. At the age of 19 I decided to move to the UK by myself to study drama and improve my English. 
From that moment I caught the travel bug and spent the next 17 years working in hotel- and cruise ship entertainment, living in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, USA, Egypt, Greece, Spain and the United Arab Emirates. In Dubai I met my Italian husband and we moved to Vicenza last summer. 
I’m still relatively new to teaching languages but we have a lot of fun during classes. I try to find out what the students needs and interests are and cover a wide range of topics, keeping things interactive and creative.
Hope to meet you soon online!


English Tutor and Coach

I’m Rob, an American and Italian citizen born in Los Angeles. I have lived more in Europe than the United States so I’m attuned to different lifestyles. I have my Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, with a minor in Criminal Justice and a Master’s Degree in Education; Adult Education and Training. I specialize and also study Psychology and a little Neuroscience to help with my teaching. I teach all levels and all aspects of English. I am passionate about coaching on the basketball court and in business settings, with a little bit of Life Coaching. I look forward to teaching you all about the English language as well as how it applies to your life long goals.

See you soon!


Coach and CLIL Trainer

I’m Stephanie, a bilingual-Maltese-and-English-native speaker. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies, with a major in Sociology, as well as a Master’s Degree in Media Science and Technology, majoring in Marketing. For the past 25 years I have actively worked and trained in the field of Marketing & Communications, and for the last five I have also added Coaching and Consultancy instruments and competences to my training portfolio.
During my lessons I provide lectures, reading material, diagram dynamics, audio-visual material, meta-reflection opportunities to collect and order the information, and use several different coaching techniques I’m specialized in, such as the Enneagram, Spiral Dynamics, NLP.
I can teach in Italian, English or Maltese, but my advice to you is to choose a language you are currently learning: I am specialized in CLIL methodology, therefore I can help you acquire both competences at the same time.
If you have a passion for leadership and a curiosity for new communication efficiency tools, my courses are ideal for you!